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May 5th, 1999

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July 12th, 2018

Le site de Metamkine sera fermé du 16 juillet au 12 août inclus, le temps de basculer vers un nouveau site effectif au 13 août.
MAIS pendant cette période (il ne s'agit pas de congès!), vous pourrez passer vos commandes par mail directement en précisant vos coordonnées et votre mode de règlement.
Si pendant la période de transfert (le 16 juillet), vos mails ne passaient pas, ne vous inquiétez pas, attendez quelques instants et renvoyez les.

The Metamkine website will be closed from the 16th July to the 12th August inclusive, the time of switching over to a new website effective from the 13th August. BUT during this period (we are not on holidays!) you can still send your orders by email directly, specifying your address details and your payment method.
If on the 16th of July your emails bounce, don't worry, simply wait a little and resend them.
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In this mail-order catalog, METAMKINE offers a large spetrum of recordings of electroacoustic and improvised musics, historical and new, along with a few magazines and books.
Regarding electroacoustic music (a general term -more technical than aesthetical- which includes musique concrète, mixed, electronic, sound poetry and sound art), you will find all of the recordings produced by the European studios, by independent labels and self-productions. From the very first works of musique concrète in 1948 to the current digital detours. Other record labels focuses of improvised music where often the music is concerned as much with musical and sound matters than the instruments used. Improvisation is not a musical category but a practice. It is present across musical boundaries, instrumentation, culture and time period. From the foundation of European Free Music to the current sonic possibilities, from one period's rage to another time's tensed and restrained reality.
The issue of the catalog is to promote all music that survive outside the commercial world. To encourage your curiosity the discs are sold at affordable prices. METAMKINE is a non-profit organization born in July 1987. The persons involved are volunteers.

Special formats include: Mini-CD, maxi-CD: less than 22". LP = 33rpm records. CDR = CD made one at a time. CD-extra = CD with both audio and CD-rom applications. The code compilation means various artists.

We try as much as possible to keep everything available but it can happen that some references are unavailable for a few weeks.

You can ask to be on our mailing list to be informed about new arrivals and back in stock items.

The prices are in euro currency and include all taxes. But cost of postage must be added.

How to order:
1. Send in your order.
2. METAMKINE will invoice you for the discs ordered in stock + the cost of postage.
3. You send your payment (you have a maximum of 15 days to do it).
4. Upon payment of that invoice the goods will be shipped.

All parcels more than two kilos are sent in Europe by postal service called “colissimo suivi Europe”. For other parcels, it's sent by "lettre prioritaire". You may add registered option. For other countries outside EEC, it’s send by postal service économique or prioritaire, registered or not. Please specify. METAMKINE will not be responsable in case of damage or lost parcels if not be sent by Registered Mail. No returns; only defective merchandise will be exchanged.
Payment: I.M.O., credit card, paypal or cheques (on a French bank only) in Euro currency to the order of META, or cash in Euro currency in a registered letter (at your own risk). For orders shipped outside the EEC, the prices are lower (without the French sales tax of 20%).
Record shop can contat us to get the wholesale prices list.